HecKIts QRP mW Meter

mWatt Meter Front Panel


Front view of HecKits mWatt Meter

10W, 1W, 100mW scales

Left knob REF/FWD

Right knob Off, 10W, 1W, 100mW Select

mWatt Meter Rear Panel


Rear View of HecKits mWatt Meter

Left side: peak/avg meter select & Ant BNC.

Right side: PWR select 9V Battery or 12VDC in.

12VDC input jack, RF input 

mWatt Meter Interior


Interior view of HecKits  mWatt Meter

Note through hole components, header pins for all cable harness wiring to connect to so no difficult flying wires soldered to the PCB.

mWatt Meter PCB


HecKits mWatt Meter PCB

2 standoffs mount PCB to chassis and the BNCs protrude through the back panel and secure with supplied nuts & lock washers.

All aluminum instrument case


All aluminum case comes pre punched with all holes ready for you to mount the supplied hardware.

mWatt Meter Specifications


500ua meter movement with 3 scales

10W, 1W, 100 mW

Quality rotary switches with machined aluminum knobs. 2-30 MHz coverage. 9 VDC or 12 VDC operation