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At HecKits, we know that having the proper test equipment to solve your  Amateur Radio needs is important. Quite often the test equipment  you would like to use costs more than you are willing to spend. 

It is for this reason that  we envisioned a small test equipment product  line that can meet your troubleshooting needs, while keeping prices  down by offering them in kit form. 

HAMs the world over enjoy the challenge of building their own test gear  and these kits should be fun to build and a welcome addition to the HAM  shack. 

About Us

About Us

HecKits is operated by Darrel Heckendorf, WA7OIB, in Austin, Texas. Our goal is to provide simple to build and easy to use small test equipment for radio amateurs. 


USPS Priority Mail shipping  within Continental USA, $7.90 for each  product. For multiple products or international shipping costs, email  for quotation. See end of this page. 

Kit Prices

50 Ohm SWR Bridge / Freq Counter  $85.00 US
L/C Meter  $65.00 US
ESR Meter $60.00 US
2-Tone Audio Generator $65.00 US
Milliohm Meter-Short Tracer $65.00 US
Variable Tone Generator $60.00

50 Ohm Parallel Line Return Loss Bridge $65.00

CW Keyer $50.00

Assembly manuals emailed after placing your order.

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Email: dpheck@att.net


1302 Highland Drive, Cedar Park, TX 78613, us

(512) 413-3229

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